About Us

Hello! Thanks for visiting us! We are so glad you are here!

     My name is Stacey and I am a school counselor by day and a potion mixer by night! I have an incredibly supportive husband, Jimmy, that encourages me to reach for my dreams, even if I am completely terrified.  I have been a counselor for half of my life. I enjoy helping, inspiring, and encouraging others. But, I have also wanted to own my own business, too, for half of my life! Here is where Pixie Dust comes in. I love things that smell good. I love things that make my skin look better and feel better. I love to support local businesses! I'd rather shop local if at all possible. 

     Our two daughters, Addie and Presley, are teenagers now. They love all things that smell good! To be honest, Pixie Dust was created for them. When they were little, they loved eveything Tinkerbell. We even named our hens after all the characters! Pirate Fairy (P.S. Rosetta will always be my favorite fairy!) became one of my favorites to watch. And boy did we watch it....... over and over!  I chose Pixie Dust as the name for our company as an ode to my girls and the sweet innocence of childhood. We all need a little love, faith, and pixie dust during our lifetime! Am I right?!?!

     My husband is our beard oil and beard balm extraordinaire. He's the guy who is the "YAY or NAY" to our mens line. He puts his best nose forward when we are combining fragrance blends for a top notch product. Our mens line is one of the things I am most proud of. It's something we do together.  Plus, he is also the best heat shrink wrapper known to man!

     We believe you (and your skin!) will love our products! We know there are TONS of options out there for the type of products we sell and we appreciate you for choosing us! We sincerely and truly look forward to serving you and having you as part of our Pixie Dust family.