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Hoof Healer Moisturizing Foot Balm (Pick Your Scent)

Hoof Healer Moisturizing Foot Balm (Pick Your Scent)

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Grab this balm today! Your feet deserve this treat! Our balm will nourish your cold, dry, neglected winter feet. This balm is also perfect for summer to keep your feet and heels beach and sandal ready. This skin soothing product softens rough heels and helps reduce that nasty cracked heel look no want wants!

Find our scent list here.

Our foot balm is made with made with sweet almond oil, sunflower seed oil, avocado seed oil, beeswax, shea butter, mango butter, rice bran oil, Vitamin E, fragrance.

Directions: Rub this balm on your feet and cracked heels right after a bath or shower for best results. Pair it with our Foaming Foot Scrub for added benefits. 

Please know that a balm thick and waxy. Balms are better at sealing in moisture and creating a barrier against environmental irritants. If not wearing socks after application, wait to apply right before bed. You do not need to look like you're ice skating in your house. Keep on your nightstand, rub over those glorious tootsies, and let magic happen while you're sleeping. A bonus is to add our hydrating body cream for during the day use! It is incredibly moisturizing. You will love it!

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