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Wholesale Wax Melts

Wholesale Wax Melts

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Are you looking for wholesale wax melts for your boutique? We have a great selection of fragrances to choose from. We offer a soy blend that has a strong cold throw and hot throw. We make our wax melts in small batches. Our wax melts do best with at least 5 days cure time. Check out our fragrances in our Wax Melt Collection. We have a masculine collection as well (black label). Leave your selections in the notes at checkout! You canindicate how many of each fragrance in the notes as well. If you do not leave your 30 selections, we will randomly send you 30 wax melts. 

This is for 30 wax melts. You will need to list fragrances in the notes section at checkout. If you do not leave fragrance selections, we will send a variety to you. Please look at scent descriptions for individual postings. 

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